Believe it or not, just like women, there are many black guys who are actively searching for their soul mate. Many of us are fully aware of the dedication required to settle down, and here are a few “Wifey Material” characteristics that a REAL man can identify and fully appreciate in his partner:

1) She respects your interests – That doesn’t mean you both like the same things, but she acknowledges the person you were before her. If she gives you space to be yourself, that’s something special.



2) She has interests outside of you – Again, this gives you your time and it doubles as a way for her to cultivate the person you fell in love with. Keep an eye on the woman that is more than a relationship title.



3) She trusts you – With everything men do these days to destroy it and people that want to see you fail, a woman that takes your word is bond is rare. Do WHATEVER it takes to keep that trust.



4) She has a sense of humor – A woman who takes everything to heart is a downer. If she can dish it as well as she can take it, she’s a keeper.



5) She doesn’t like to argue – JEEZ! This means she’s solution oriented and not about games. Arguing is bad communication and a game of submission. She wants reconciliation more than she wants her way. Wife her!

Let us know your thoughts.

Written by W. Frank Mooney, Edited by BLKGUY.