Over half of the black males who attend urban high schools don’t earn a diploma. And of those dropouts, almost 60% will go to prison. The “School-to-prison” pipeline is extremely real, so here are a few reasons your black son may not be successful in urban public schools:

1.) Only 2% of Teachers are Black and Male

Black male students rarely, if ever, receive instruction from someone who looks like them. This is an unfair disadvantage for young men of color in the classroom, simply because there is a very small pool of teachers who can genuinely understand what it’s like to be a black male in the American education system.


2.) Cultural Miscues Can Be Perceived as Misconduct

Black boys are three times more likely to be suspended or expelled from school than their White peers, missing valuable learning time in the classroom.


3.) Their Academic Achievement Is Not Equally NoticedĀ 

Black boys are 2.5 times less likely to be enrolled in gifted and talented programs, even if their prior achievement reflects the ability to succeed.


4.) Disproportionately Classified As Mentally Retarded

Black male students make up 20 percent of all students in the United States classified as mentally retarded, although they are only nine percent of the student population.


5.) Special Education Classes On Overload

Black and Hispanic males constitute almost 80 percent of youth in special education programs.

It’s important to note that public education does and work for many people. I’m a product of public education, and it’s highly probable that you are as well. Knowing and understanding this data begins to illustrate the many pitfalls of public education. Moreover, as a parent, you can fill in the gaps for where your son may be having some issues. It is very important to assess your child emotionally, as well as, academically to ensure their success.