Black Guy DIY “BGDIY” is a digital outlet that positions and amplifies the authentic lives of Black Guys in America. Black Guy DIY is a unique space where people from all races, genders, and backgrounds can become enlightened about how Black Guys approach life, situations, triumphs, and struggles.

We feature consumer products, social issues, travel, love and relationships, and grooming/wellness from a perspective that is appealing and unique to the African America audience.

Black Guy DIY addresses a variety of topics from multiple Black Guy perspectives. Our mission is to bridge the world’s perceptions of Black Guys with the reality of who we are individually and collectively.

We believe that if you want something done right, you have to “Do-It-Yourself.”

Black Guy DIY – Target audience:

  • African Americans Aged 25-54
  • Average Household Income of $65,000
  • Home Owners and Prospective Home Owners
  • Bachelor’s Degree (or higher)
  • Esteemed National and International Travelers
  • Smart/Mobile Phone Users
  • Extremely Health/Wellness Driven
  • Politically and Socially Active