Within conscious health circles, drinking alkaline water is viewed as one of the primary building blocks of nourishment and overall health. While researching this stuff, we found out some pretty interesting things.

  • DETOXIFY – It  remove toxins accumulated in your body from your environment, prescription drugs, unnatural foods and from the “normal” process of aging. Acid wastes collected in the body can lead to more serious health conditions. Drinking this water daily can neutralize the acidity and wash acid waste products from cells and tissues.
  • ENHANCE IMMUNE SYSTEM – Maximizes your body’s ability to fight off disease and heal itself.
  • ALKALIZE YOUR pH – Helps balance the body’s pH, which tends to be acidic because of our high acid food diet, stress and exposure to environmental toxins such as smog. Alkalize your body pH from acidic to alkaline pH, because cancer and many other illnesses cannot live in alkaline environments. Alkaline is the “normal” state of healthy persons.


  • HYDRATE – This is basic to maintain or regain optimum health. Alkaline Water is more easily absorbed at the cellular levels thus “super hydrating” your body.