If you haven’t been watching “Queen Sugar” on OWN every Wednesday at 10p, you’ve been living under a rock. I’m not going to spend time talking about how amazing the show is, because if you’ve been watching you already know.

I want to dive right in to discuss my favorite character (by far) on Queen Sugar, Aunt Vi (Violet). Every single nuance of Aunt Vi’s character, played by Tina Lifford, reminds us of a black woman we hold near and dear to our hearts. Her courage, foresight, wisdom, and tough love is not only adored, it is what has carried the Black Race for centuries.

Here are five reasons Aunt Vi reminds us of an important black woman in our lives:

1.)Aunt Vi is a damn good cook – If you haven’t realized it yet, cooking is Aunt Vi’s go-to weapon of choice when handling issues. Her food not only welcomes her man home from a long days work, it brings the community together, reclaimed their farm manager, and it is the method by which she expresses love for her family.


2.)Aunt Vi is part Christian part gangsta – She knew Ralph Angel wasn’t up to any good when she saw the lock on the shed. The Christian in her knew he was wrong for stealing, but the gangsta in her protected her family by any means necessary. Not to mention, she inhaled that blunt pretty easily when Nova handed it to her. *Sidebar* She said the TVs were at the bottom of the bayou, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she sold them thangs and bought some new wigs.


3.)Aunt Vi takes care of kids that aren’t hers – If we’re gonna keep it real, let’s keep it all the way real. We all have a family member raising another family member’s kids for some reason or another. It happens, and Aunt Vi is no exception. *Sidebar* Now that we know the backstory of Ralph Angel’s son “Blue” it adds even more depth to why Aunt Vi is the way she is.


4.)Aunt Vi don’t take no shit – Bi Polar or not, Maxine down to the “Living Single” was bout to get popped for rolling up at the Crawfish boil. END OF STORY.


5.)Aunt Vi is the glue that holds the family together – Through all the drama and chaos, everyone leans into Vi’s wisdom to get back on one accord with other family members.

In the comments section share your favorite character on “Queen Sugar,” and tell us why.