Grooming is no easy task, in fact, it takes hard work to keep your skin, nails, hair, and overall physical fitness in tact. Men, like women, have a lot of pressure to maintain a certain look and appeal in today’s society. In the past, bald heads were seen as a sign of aging, and a focal point of terror for most men. Times have changed and the bald head is viewed by many as the sexiest look a man can have.

With that being said, men of African decent have to take extra care of their bald heads. African American hair coils as it grows. If the hair is cut too-far beneath the surface of the skin, the hair can coil before it has grown out of the skin, causing unsightly ingrown hairs. In addition to ingrown hairs, razor burn is a major issue with maintaining a bald head.

Bevel, a grooming company founded by fellow Black Guy Tristan Walker, was created to address the many issues black guys face with the shaving experience. While most of the big name brands focus their products and brands on going bigger (More blades, more bells and whistles), Bevel honed in on the single-blade market.


For some time now, we’ve known that a single blade is better for Black Guys, because it allows the blade to cut the hair flush with the surface of the skin, as opposed to below the surface. I have not switched over yet, but I intend on doing so very soon. Aside from all the positive reviews I’ve heard about the product, the packaging and marketing are amazing. I can’t wait to track my Bevel Shaving System experience with you all.

Stay tuned on my transition into the Bevel world…