It’s the summer time and our social media timelines are flooded with sexy bodies with hashtags like: #FitFam, #SexyBody, #BeachBody, #Gains, so on and so forth. Those hashtags usually accompany location indicators like: #PuntaCanta #Cabo #Rio #PuertoRico – you get the point.

People are increasingly becoming more conscious about their bodies, and they are traveling more.

We’ve all heard the same story “That stuff is for white folks, you don’t need sunscreen.” Well to be honest, that’s completely false. As we begin to hit the beach for our summer getaway’s, it’s very important to begin dispelling the myth that we don’t need sunscreen.

Black people can and do get skin cancer. So here’s a quick guide to help navigate you through the world of which sunscreen may be right for you (it can get confusing):


  • Try to stay away from the sprays and powders. They are unsafe to inhale, and the sprays can be flammable if sprayed close to a grill.
  • Purchase Broadsprectrum sunscreen – This blocks UVA and UVB sun rays (Ain’t nobody got time to be breaking down the differences between the rays, just protect yaself.)
  • SPF 50+ is the best bet
  • Apply every 2 or so hours

In short, purchase a lotion sunscreen that is SPF 50 or greater and  protects you from UVA & UVB rays. Have fun at the beach!