A few years ago, I was managing a marketing activation for a client at the Little League World Series, in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Apart from being blown away by the scenic beauty of this small mountainous community in central Pennsylvania, I stumbled across of group of people who equally peaked my interest.

Every year, the best youth baseball teams from around the world converge onto Williamsport to compete for the Championships. In 2012, a team from a small island off the coast of Venezuela, was one of the teams competing for the Championships.

Being one of a handful of black people in this community, this team stood out. Beautiful black people ranging in colors from caramel to coal, these people were very distinct. One young man, about 12-13 years old, skin the color of coal, hazel eyes, full African bold features, walked up to my booth, and with his “Rihanna-esque” accent asked if he could download the mobile gaming app I was marketing. I replied “Of course, yes.”  While he was downloading the game, I asked him where he was from. He responded, “Willemstad.” I said OK, waited a moment and said, “Where’s that?” The young man laughed and said it was the main city on Curacao, an island not too far away from Venezuela.

willemstad 2

After doing research, I was blown away. Many people have not heard about Willemstad, Curacao but it is a bustling tourism hub. Next door island Aruba grabs most of the tourism dollars from travelers in that geographic region. For this reason, Willemstad is probably the hottest island that none of your friends can say they’ve been too.


  • Weather – Averages 80 degrees year round
  • Lodging – Ample hotels and resorts
  • Beaches – To die for
  • Romantic – Mos Def
  • Turn Up – Moderate (Overall this is not the best place for night life, but you can still have a great time)