I’m sure you’ve already read my article titled “Black Folk and Sunscreen, To Be or Not To Be?” which highlights the usage of sunscreen amongst people of color. If you haven’t, Frank Ocean’s mom Katonya Breaux has.

The mineral-tinted SPF product is called “UNSUN.” It’s designed to work for a broad spectrum of darker skinned tones. Breaux stated:

“Women of color, we’re just underrepresented in many different areas of fashion and beauty. We’re one of the largest purchasing sectors, so we have to be acknowledged. More foundations, more lip colors … M.A.C and Nars do a good job. There’s still a great need. There are multiple other brands that really need to get onboard. It will happen. The voices are getting louder, but of course there’s a need.”

The active mineral ingredients are Zinc-Oxide and Titanium-Dioxide, and it is priced at $29 for 1.7 ounces. I noticed that the branding and packaging were pretty similar to Bevel. Although I haven’t tried this product as of yet, I think Ocean’s mom may be on to something and I’ll probably give it a try next summer.