…Ok maybe not pop her. This blog nor myself condones violence of any kind. But as my grandmother would say, “Enough of a damn thang is enough.”

Y’all I really used to love Iyanla Vanzant, and for the sake of showing how close I felt to her being messy, I’m gonna call her “Auntie Yannie,” for the rest of this blog entry. Why does it seem as though she’s exchanged her God-given gift to speak healing, for TV ratings? I simply just can’t with ‘Fix My Life,’ no moe.

And why does Auntie Yannie make every client carry heavy shit?

What is her fascination with making people look stupid by carrying large quantities of inanimate objects? We get it. We all have baggage! She’s had people tote bags full of clothes (which she later dumped-out in their face), masonry bricks with words written on them, and if you’re a black man with over 3 children- you’ll likely have to hold 50 cabbage patch dolls while you speak to her about your dishonorable sexcapades.

On the latest episode she found some driveway pavers for her clients to carry. Go figure. They later tossed the pavers into the ocean, which I suppose means they effectively relinquished their issues into the ocean. Now wait a minute.. We’ve been watching this entire family act a monkey’s ass for last 3 episodes, and y’all good now? Nah Auntie Yannie…

Watch a clip of the latest episode of Iyanla: Fix My Life HERE:

At this point Auntie Yannie has a greater responsibility than she’s giving us.

“Fix My Life” used to be an hour packed full of healing, awakening, self-revelation, and inspiration. I know, because I’ve struggled through several episodes while fighting away tears. Some of the tears were for myself, but the other tears were a result of pure human empathy.

The people and issues on “Fix My Life,” used to be positioned where we could relate just because they were human. But now it’s just poisonous drama. My soul used to receive enlightenment from the experiences of the people on the show, and Iyanla used to give us real tools to work through life’s challenges.

And I totally get it… Just because the show isn’t connecting with me anymore, doesn’t mean someone isn’t getting something from it. But I think the demographic  of people the show is now connecting with has several shows on TV they can get advice from, shows like: Love & Hip Hop (insert a city), Basketball Wives, Fox News, and Real Housewives of Atlanta, just to name a few.

I feel slighted. We need Auntie Yannie back. ASAP!

What do y’all think about “Fix My Life?” Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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