I keep seeing headlines that read “Migos refuse to perform with Drag Queens on SNL.” Slews of people on my social media timelines are dragging The Migos and calling them homophobic.

Maybe they are.

For a moment I was about to create a Migos diss post, but then I thought to myself… “Wait a damn minute.” Just a few weeks ago everyone was up in arms when Miley Cyrus basically said she took a step-back from Hip Hop because of the misogyny, and lyrics that focused on futile materialism.

Let’s pause for a damn minute. Miley Cyrus used Hip Hop as the vehicle to transition her career from child star to adult music superstar via twerking, and making music with the hottest Hip Hop artists and producers. Now she’s over it? Chiiiiiile Boom.

Back to Katy Perry.

Katy Perry, like Hannah Montana, hops on any damn bandwagon that will get her checks and publicity. Whether it’s “Dark Horse,” or her Super Bowl performance, we know damn well Katy Perry does whatever she can to appeal to a broad base of people. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But we have to understand that black artists do not have the freedom and ability to recreate themselves whenever  and however they want.

Let’s be clear, it’s no secret that Hip Hop is homophobic AF.

But are The Migos at a point in their career where they can ride the wave of the blowback that would likely come from this performance? I’m not so sure. Hell, Frank Ocean went underground for a few years after he came out. If this were Drake, or Kanye, or any other Hip Hop artist that was a super mega star, possibly. But the Migos – No.

This performance could have possibly ended them.

The Migos were wrong for refusing to do the performance with the Drag Queens. But Katy Perry is even more wrong for putting them in a position where they were damned if they did, and damned if they didn’t.

It’s evident that these chicks do not mind throwing black culture under their feet as a stepping stone to the next level. So it’s important that we serve Katy Perry her social media lashing the same way.

P.S. Y’all do know Justin Timberlake actually snatched the fabric off Janet Jackson’s titty right?

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