Barbers have the power to make or break your life. Do they understand that? Do they understand that you’ve been waiting all week to see them (Sometimes maybe two weeks)? Do they understand that you’ve envisioned a bomb-ass selfie as soon as you get out of their chair?

Do they understand that you have the most important business meeting of your life tomorrow? Your flight leaves in about four hours and you’re gonna be out of town for 4 days so you desperately need a cut before you leave, do they get it? Do they know that you’ve been trying to go on a date with (such and such) for months now, and you can’t be looking dumb AF?

Barbers will take you through ALL the emotions Beyonce sang about in “Lemonade” when they don’t do what they’re supposed to do. Changing barbers is one of the most emotional situations black guys encounter.

Here are some of the things that will make you DIVORCE them:


1.)Being repetitively late and/or cancelling – Who The Fu*k Do You Think I Is?



2.)Destroying your edge-upĀ – What a wicked way to treat a loyal customer



3.)Body stank – i.e. mouth, fingers (yes, I said fingers), arms, legs, and backs… We smell it ALL when sitting in that chair


4.)Cutting with dirty clippers or giving you razor burn



5.)When you have an appointment and they let someone hop in front of you


These are just a few situations. Share your experiences in the comments section below.