One of my best friends is celebrating his birthday in Seattle next month. My circle of friends are really close and we live in different areas of the country. Because of our physical distance, we have big birthday weekend celebrations where we all fly in from our respective cities to catch up and have a good time.

I was not going to go, but as everybody kept talking about the trip in our GroupMe thread, I couldn’t help but book a last minute flight. They’re not about to have a good time without me! I’m flying from Atlanta so the last minute prices were not the best, but I found an OK deal through Frontier Airlines. This was my first time ever booking a flight through Frontier, so I was a bit surprised at how user-friendly the website was. I noticed that the pricing is a la carte, but I think they had the individual prices for everything listed pretty well.

I prefer to not have everything nickel and dimed away, but after calculations, I saw that I’d still be saving money by flying Frontier. As of now, I’m all set but I’d really like to get some feedback from you all.

To be honest, I’ve not heard the best things about them via word-of-mouth. Based on my experience so far in booking the flight, I’m pleased. Is there anything I should be prepared for ahead of time?

Please share some of your Frontier experiences in the comments section.