The subliminal messages dropped in last night’s Season Finale of “Scandal,” were SO REAL. They properly positioned women’s rights issues, and even threw a few jabs at 45. They managed to have every conversation that needed to be had, just below the radar, yet right in plain sight.

Before I go on, doesn’t David Rosen get on ya damn nerves?! He’s like a knock on your bedroom door just as you’re about to climax. His energy and flow ruins just about every scene. Him being so lame is the only thing that’s kept him from being killed-off. But perhaps an aloof wonky-head amid power players is needed, and if that’s what he’s supposed to be- he’s definitely fulfilling the purpose of his lame life.

Back to what I was saying…

The season 6 finale taught us three very important lessons:

1.) Have your agenda as the driving force of your life, and make decisions that will get your agenda accomplished- because everyone else damn sure will.

2.) White men cannot resist black women pu$$y.

3.) Mama Pope gave the Magnum Opus of all the black women on tv monologues of forever last night.

I’m talking Maya Angelou and Sidney Poitier had a love child level monologue.

I’m talking Iyanla Vanzant and Chimanda Nogozi Adichie got to fighting in the middle of Starbucks level monologue.

I’m talking Nikki Giovanni ran on stage butt-naked with a “Black Lives Matter” stole on, while Betsy DeVos was speaking at Bethune Cookman level monologue.

Seriously though, Mama Pope summed it all up.

She started by connecting the present to the past by singing the old negro spiritual “Go Down Moses,” a song that is associated with Harriet Tubman. It immediately invoked imagery of the strength in black women. Women who sacrifice everything so that others can live better lives. Often times, as expressed in a recent article at “For Harriet,” they neglect themselves in the process OR get nothing in return for their sacrifices.

Is that admirable or ridiculous?

Then there’s the dynamic between black women and black men. So many black men (from CEOs to garbage men) silently suffer from thoughts of extreme worthlessness. Our “Manly” egos keep us from reaching out for help when needed, and our pride keeps us blind to the people who really have our backs (but that’s a whole nutha post, for a whole nutha time).

But Black women are not blameless.

Mama pope, like many black women, get some things extremely wrong. There are some horrible mothers out there, some bad sisters, some evil aunts, and some hateful grandmothers. But that doesn’t negate the fact that black women have literally held the world on their shoulders for centuries. And Mama Pope got that message across loud and clear.

Will we ever make it back to Ocean City? Do you even remember Ocean City?

…tick tock …tick tock …tick tock …tick tock


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