One thing about Black folk, and America in general, is that we are a resilient people. We seemingly have the ability to re purpose adversity as the propellant of progress. As I write this article on the first day of February (Black History Month) with the ability to say AND publish whatever I want, without any fear of retaliation or worse, I’m reminded of everything we’ve had to fight for in this country.

From Slavery, to the Civil Rights Movement, to the Jim Crow South, to the Prison Industrial Complex, to voter suppression, to unfair housing practices, to unequal access to education, to a Trump Presidency- we always seem to rise above.

“A common enemy unites even the oldest of foes.”

This is an extremely relevant old saying that has been passed down through the years. Now, women (of all races) understand how it feels to have an “X” placed on your head, by your own government. Now, Muslims around the world have witnessed how the core infrastructure of the American political system can restrict you, based solely on what it fears or the differences it chooses to not understand.

With all of this, comes a beautiful silver lining. A few days ago my younger cousin, who is 7 years old called and asked me how I felt about Trump being our President. I was completely shocked. A kid who uses her fingers to tap and swipe on devices more than she uses her mouth to speak words, was asking her big cousin about politics and government.

People are talking. People of all ages, all backgrounds, and all socioeconomic statuses are concerned about what’s going on in our government. I’m a firm believer that where communication lives, action can follow. Black people in the 60’s sat in, demonstrated, and marched, because they knew the importance of having access to the political process. Change happens in this country through the political process. We saw through the election and re-election of President Barack Obama that minorities make up the majority. As more and more people revert back to the awareness of the importance of being involved in the political process, we are going to see A MAJOR SHIFT in the officials we elect to represent us.

In short, President Trump has awakened a sleeping giant. One that is fully present, fully represented, and fully active in the American political process. We are all witnessing, in real-time, how the meetings on Capitol Hill directly affect us. Finally we see a direct link, a massive highway, that connects our vote to change. And this- is the realist and most beautiful call-to-action we could have received.