We’re all here together. Ya know… Living in this world. Figuring shit out a day at a time the best way we know how. Some days are better than others. We all get happy. We all get sad. We all have moments. And sometimes we want to share those moments. Ya know… Just to make sure we aren’t alone in our day-to-day experiences.

Truth is, we find comfort in knowing there’s other people out there just like us. Sharing our triumphs, our joys, our struggles, our issues, and our pain. That is the beauty of social media. We can find an entire community of people who shares a common set of beliefs and ideas about almost anything.

On social media not only can we find a community of people who shares our likes, but we can also find a community of people who shares our dislikes, and unevolved human beings are much better at collectively expressing the things they hate, rather than the things they love.

Yesterday, in the shadows of one of the largest organized protests in our nations history, a celebrity posted a picture of herself in one of the most miraculous forms the human body can express. The image of life within life. A sacred ideal.

Minutes after the post hit Instagram, and days after millions took to the streets protesting women’s rights, we witnessed one of the most sinister expressions of the scrutiny that a woman can endure- and women heavily participated. No woman should be subjected to physical and/or verbal abuse, especially when she’s carrying life in her womb. Who cares if you don’t like her music. Who cares if you don’t fancy her performances. Who cares if the aesthetic didn’t tickle your fancy. Morale is on a slippery slope downward when we open ourselves to this type of verbal bidding, regardless of however we try to package it.

Whether it’s regarding physical or mental health, finances, love, career, or society- we all sometimes share deeply personal testimonies with the world via social media. Now imagine if your purest intent, or moment of transparency, was lit on fire the same way you do other people.

And this ain’t just about Beyonce. Ok it is. But it aint damnit. This is only one example of a major issue with the cannibal-like behavior of the social machine. People are committing suicide using live features on social media. Would you scrutinize how unorganized a closet was, where someone decided to kick a chair from beneath their legs?

How about talk about the color scheme of a padded room after someones mental breakdown?

What about discuss the year, make, and model of someones car after they post an image of a tragic accident that they barely made it out of?

How about roast on how run-down the neighborhood that someone lived in when they post that they just lost everything in a house fire?

We, including myself, need to take a step back. Understand that we are all here together and empathy is needed more now than ever before. Before you post, ask yourself “If it were me in their shoes, what would I say or how would I feel if I read this?


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