After the continued onslaught on BS from both the Republican and Democratic Party Presidential nominees, my mind is completely open to the possibility of participating in a movement that is radically different than the status quo (Desperate times call for desperate measures).

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill proposed that voting for Green Party Presidential nominee Jill Stein is the way to go for the 2016 election. You can view the entire video below, but if you aren’t familiar with Jill Stein, here’s where she stands on the issues:


  • Cancel college student loan debt – “It’s time to simply cancel this debt, as was done for the Wall Street criminals whose waste, fraud and abuse crashed the economy. We owe our students–the victims of that crash–at least as much. The bailout for students can be accomplished through quantitative easing, the finance tool used to bail out the banks. This would be a huge stimulus for the economy, as young people are enabled to follow their dreams & re-imagine our future–as every new generation must.”
  • Free public higher education
  • Against standardized testing 


  • End Racist War on Drugs – “An end to the racist war on drugs and school to prison pipeline. And a end to the militarized police, surveillance and prison state, and radical reduction of America’s prison population”
  • Drug Problem is a public health issue, not a crime issue
  • Green for Green – She believes in the legalization of Mary Jane
  • Pro Black Lives Matter



  • Pro “Livable Wages” – Minimum $15 hour. Noted that a minimum wage that matched current productivity growth would be more than $16.50 an hour. Greens said that enacting a livable wage would boost the economy by providing millions more Americans, especially low-income families, with spending power.
  • Green New Deal For America – Create jobs that will put 25 million people back to work, not simply provide tax breaks for corporations or tax breaks for the job creators to move their jobs to China or India. The Green New Deal will create 25 million jobs, including a spectrum of jobs in the green sector, as well as jobs that meet our social needs, and these are public services and public works, like during the New Deal that got us out of the Depression.
  • Anti Casino/Gaming Industry

At a glance, it seems as though The Green Party is focused on giving everything away all the time, which could ultimately handicap and entire people- making them completely dependent on the government. On the flip, one could look at the fact that we’ve spent $7.6 Trillion on war efforts since 9/11, and another $1 Trillion on the failed “War on Drugs.” When balancing the scales, where would you prefer the tax money go?

Dear Hillary, let one more seething email, questionable, or scandalous issue come out, and I’m likely hopping ship.

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