So Instagram just shat on the planet by unveiling its new “Story,” feature which basically makes it a more robust and easier to use SnapChat. With the update, it’s easy to notice that more and more people are adding videos (with them talking), as opposed to just adding those perfectly crafted, heavily filtered, masterfully staged Glamour Shots.

Littered throughout the videos of people talking about how much they like (or hate) the new Instagram feature, I couldn’t help but notice other opinions being voiced about a different subject at the same time. Your #MCM is a soprano. While many of you Greek/African statues were voicing your opinions, you were being judged.

A false misconception, fueled by unrealistic expectations and the veil of social media transitioned from digital obscurity to real life. Your #MCM’s voice is lighter than Michael Jackson’s and you’re mad.

I witnessed the broken dreams of hundreds of followers yesterday- hundreds. I laughed to myself, and then thought- this is a SERIOUS problem. In an age where social media probably ranks up there with finances and infidelity as a critical relationship issue- this is definitely a problem.

Really. People are living in a fake world. People have real life expectations of people they’ve never met, and have never even held a conversation with.

Is there a “Bass to Muscle Mass” ratio that guys should have? If so, why? In the meantime, I’ll try to stop laughing…

Post your thoughts below.